Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water filled light fixture in kitchen with ceiling collapsed

Water Filled Light Fixture in Muskegon Condo

Living in a condo comes with some perks and some downfalls.  This condo in Muskegon, MI was affected with water damage from the unit above them when their ice maker was leaking.  Our technician thought that the dome on the light fixture was red; after further investigation he found out that it was full of contaminated water!  He safely took the light fixture down as if was an extremely dangerous safety hazard.

Mold growth on cardboard stuck to concrete floor after sewer backup

Sewer Backup in Muskegon Home

Sewer backups should be considered an emergency since the water may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that can cause health effects, but life happens.  This home in Muskegon had a sewer backup that went untouched for almost three weeks.  Wet and damp surfaces are a breeding ground for mold growth.  This photo shows a saturated piece of a cardboard box that was stuck to the concrete floor caked in mold.  Our trained technicians were able to scrape the cardboard off the floor and safely decontaminate the affected area.

Basement demo with air movers following a flood

Basement Flood in Whitehall, MI

When a family member passes away and their house sits empty, make sure to stop by periodically and check on everything.  This home in Whitehall suffered severe water damage from a broken shut off valve in the utility closet.  The water reached 2ft high at one point!  Our team came in, sucked out the remaining water, tore off wood paneling, removed insulation, and set air movers and dehumidifiers to dry everything properly.

Thermal Imaging Camera showing footprints on carpet

Water Damage Technology

Thermal imaging cameras help our technicians see hidden water that the naked eye cannot see. This photo shows a hallway that was walked on with snow covered boots.  Without the thermal camera you would have no idea about the water that is lurking in your carpet.

To make sure that you do not have any hidden water in your home, call SERVPRO of Muskegon, (231) 733-7601.

Mold growth on wood paneling bar in basement

Broken Water Line Damage

When moisture is present, mold has the ability to grow easily and quickly.  This Muskegon, MI homeowner's water line to their kitchen sink had a leak which travelled to the basement through their drop tile ceiling.  This mold on the wood paneling is from six inches of standing water. 

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Bird found inside of wall

"Ready for whatever happens."

Water damage in finished areas can lead to our technicians having to cut out parts of drywall, depending on how high the water was and how long it was exposed for.  Our Crew Chief was lucky enough to find this deceased bird in the wall of a local school!  They called SERVPRO of Muskegon after their roof started leaking from the heavy rain at the beginning of August.

Water pouring from basement ceiling.

Water Damage From Broken Faucet

This homeowner in Whitehall, MI experienced extensive water damage when a bathroom faucet broke. Two levels of the home were affected as water made its way to the basement.

Flooded Church

When you see the reflection of lights on carpet, you know something is very wrong. This church experienced extensive water damage that left two levels soaked. If you discover your facility filled with water, we are here to help!

Delaminated Carpet

Carpet that is delaminated means that the bonding agent between the primary and secondary backing has failed. This can be the result of a variety of situations, primarily water damage. This homeowner experienced a sump pump failure that resulted in flooding. The carpet remained wet long enough for it to become delaminated. If you experience water damage, time is of the essence!

Residential Sink Leak

A sink leak caused this homeowner's hardwood floor, cabinets, and walls to experience significant damage. When it comes to a water loss, time is of the essence. Luckily, we are here to help!

Pipe Break Causes Major Water Loss

Nobody wants to receive a phone call while on vacation to learn that a pipe broke in their home. A pipe break that isn't immediately discovered can be devastating. The ceiling began to fall in and the wood floor buckled as the water made its way through the different levels of the home. Water will find the lowest point that it can reach, and this home was an unfortunate example of that.

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Ice Dam Results In Roof Leak

A West Michigan homeowner experienced an ice dam that resulted in a roof leak. The leak heavily effected the ceiling, walls, and carpet of the home. In order to properly dry the water damage, the drywall had to be removed. Once the structure is fully dried, the drywall is replaced.

Ceiling Falling In

If a water loss can be contained to one level, that often results in far less damage than a multiple level loss. When water begins seeping through to another floor, the ceiling will begin to fall in creating an additional mess.

Warped Wood Ceiling

Moisture and a wood ceiling are not a good combination. When a boiler pipe burst, a mixture of standing water and condensation caused this homeowner's wood ceiling to warp. The ceiling was not salvageable and had to be removed to further dry any remaining moisture.

Condensation On Ceiling

A variety of different things can follow a pipe break. It is not uncommon for condensation to be produced by a pipe carrying hot water. A residential boiler line burst produced condensation all throughout the home, further effecting the drywall and ceiling.

Pipe Burst

As a homeowner, this is never a site that you want to see. The boiler line had burst while the homeowners were out of town, resulting in a large amount of damage. By the time the break was discovered, enough damage had occurred to require extensive demolition of effected drywall and ceiling.

Crawl Space Pipe Break

When a pipe breaks in a crawlspace, it isn't as noticeable as a pipe break in a kitchen. That is the case for this West Michigan homeowner. Before the water was shut off, the break had created 3-4 inches of standing water in the crawlspace. Regularly inspect your home, especially during the winter months, to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. If you discover a broken pipe, we are here to help!

Paint Bubbling

Water damage can cause some interesting things to happen. We are often thankful when effected areas are brick or cement since it usually means less damage. Although this room was concrete, the paint began to bubble due to the water and high humidity.

Water Damages Floor

During this season of roof leaks and broken pipes, one thing is certain. Water can and will destroy everything in its path. Hardwood floor will often begin to warp when it experiences water damage. We have the equipment to help prevent you from draining the bank account on new flooring.

Warping Floorboards

It does not take long for water damage to begin taking a toll on your home or business. This West Michigan homeowner had a pipe break in their kitchen while gone on vacation. The water quickly spread throughout the home resulting in serious damages including warped floorboards. When disaster strikes, time is of the essence.

Ceiling Fell in After Water Damages Home

This is a picture of a garage ceiling that has fallen in due to a water damage in the home. You can see drywall and insulation hanging from the ceiling as well as puddles of water on the concrete. 

Refrigerator Water Line Leak causing Hardwood Floor Damage

During the night, the refrigerator line to the ice maker broke causing damage to the hardwood flooring in this home. You can see water marks and warping between each plank from the water being absorbed into the wood. 

Wood Floor Drying Mats

This residential home had a water loss effecting the hardwood floors in their kitchen. Using the Wood Floor Drying Mat system, we were able to remove the moisture from the hardwood floors. The homeowners were happy with the results of the drying mats and relieved that the floors did not have to be replaced.

Ice Formation Outside Window of Residential Home

Ice formations from the window down the side of this home was an indication that something was wrong at this seasonal home. Snow covering the vent to the furnace caused this home to lose heat resulting in frozen pipes and hundreds of gallons filling the home.  SERVPRO was on-site quickly to assess damages working to make it "Like it never even happened". 

Burst Pipes in Residential Home in the Dead of Winter

This seasonal home lost heat during the dead of winter causing pipes to freeze and burst flooding the home with thousands of gallons of water.  Temperatures reaching below 32 degrees freezing the flowing water putting a layer of ice over everywhere the water traveled.  This pic is of a bed where you see inches of ice over the comforter, mattress, bed post and floor. We were able to get onsite once heat was restored to start the mitigation process working to make it "Like it never even happened".

Desiccant Dehumidifier with Generator used in a large Commercial Water Loss

This Trailer Mounted Desiccant Dehumidifier with Generator was used in a large Commercial Water Loss Muskegon MI. Having this piece of equipment available allows us to handle Any Size Loss. 

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