Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Extensive mold on wall

Extensive Mold Growth in North Muskegon, MI Guest House

To the surprise of these North Muskegon homeowners, their guest house had been damaged by a pipe break in the ceiling.  Not using the house on a regular basis, they were not sure when the break happened.  The drywall walls and other others were saturated.  Since proper drying was not done, the water damage turned into extensive mold damage. The wall displayed had cabinets installed on it which meant no airflow was able to be applied, speeding up growth of the mold.  Our technicians safely did demo, effectively dried out the affected areas, and remediated the mold.

Mold found on hardwood floor in bedroom

Water Damage Leads To Mold in Norton Shores, MI Rental Home

This rental property suffered major water damage when their tenants moved out and switched all their utilities to their new home, leaving the home freezing cold causing a water pipe to burst in the upper level bedroom.  Mold was found on the hardwood floor in the upper level bedroom due to not correctly mitigating the water damage.

Mold on pressboard subfloor after major water damage

Mold Forming on Pressboard Subfloor in Ravenna, MI

Water always wants to find the lowest point.  In a water damage it penetrates any crevice or path that will facilitate its downward flow.  This home in Ravenna suffered a severe water damage from frozen pipes.  Even with vinyl laminate water seeped through the floor affecting the pressboard subfloor.  Since the water sat a couple of weeks mold growth started to form.  Because of the extensive damage our technicians had to remove the subfloor.

Mold growing on wall

Fridge Line Leak in Norton Shores Home

Fridge line leaks are usually slow and not detected until it's too late.  Mold growth can start in as little as 24 to 48 hours under certain conditions.  This home in Norton Shores found their leak after noticing wet carpet in their master bedroom, which is alongside the kitchen.  The line had been leaking long enough for mold to start growing on the drywall wall in the bedroom and spread to the backside of the kitchen wall. 

Never try to tackle mold yourself.  SERVPRO of Muskegon technicians are trained and have the proper equipment and protective gear to remediate mold properly.

Moldy drywall in basement of Montague home

Moldy Basement Walls in Montague, MI

Some home fixes are better off leaving them to the pros.  This homeowner in Montague had a cracked shower floor that had been leaking into the basement for a bit before realizing.  They ended up cleaning up the water themselves but did not dry it out properly, leading to moldy drywall.  Our Certified Technicians were able to remediate the mold growth properly and swiftly. 

Technician in full PPE painting with spray gun after treating for mold

Here to Help in any size space!

Good thing our technicians are not afraid of tight spaces!  This Muskegon homeowner was selling their home and the inspector found mold in the attic.  Their realtor told them to call SERVPRO of Muskegon to take care of it quickly and properly. 

Have you stumbled upon mold in your home?  Call SERVPRO of Muskegon to make it "Like it never even happened." 231-733-7601

Multi colored mold on top of arcade game

"Pretty" Mold

Our Crew Chief and technicians come across many different forms and colors of mold.  They were fascinated by all of the different colors on top of this arcade game, calling it the prettiest mold they've seen in awhile!

Have mold in your home?  Call SERVPRO of Muskegon to take care of it properly: 231-733-7601

Excessive mold on cat feces

Mold Growth Comes In Many Forms

Our Production Manager never knows what he is going to come across when arriving at a business or home.  For this estimate we were called out to a residence in Muskegon, MI for issues of mold after excessive flooding.  While inspecting the basement our Production Manager found Domicile Cup Fungus on walls, and growth from ceiling to floor, including the joists.  While examining a crawl space, he stumbled upon these cat feces with a superabundant amount of mold on them, which he likes to call, "Cat Apples."

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Mushrooms growing on wall in basement

Unnatural Mushrooms

Domicile Cup Fungus growing on your basement wall is unnatural, but common in households with flooding or water damage.  This homeowner had a never ending battle with flooding in the past and needed our help to properly remediate their unwelcome visitors.    

Visible mold on walls and ceiling.

Water Damage Results In Severe Mold Problem

Anytime moisture is present, mold has the ability to grow easily and quickly. This homeowner had been on vacation for 3 weeks and returned to the upper level of their condo filled with mold. It was discovered that both the upstairs bedroom and bathroom had experienced water damage that sat long enough to create additional problems. If you are in need of water restoration and mold remediation, we can help!

If You See Signs of Mold,
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Mold growth on a wall.

Mold On Wall

Mold growth in your home or business is never something that you want to experience. It has the ability to spread rapidly and easily get out of hand. If you discover mold, call us immediately. We can assist in locating the cause of the mold growth and begin the remediation process immediately.

Mold Containment

If mold is present in your facility, it creates serious health concerns. To ensure the safety of the occupants, we set up plastic containments to prevent the spread of spores during the cleaning/mitigation process. 

Rapid Mold Growth

One thing is certain of mold, it has the ability to grow easily and quickly. This homeowner in Muskegon, MI experienced some flooding that resulted in mold growth when it wasn't dried quick enough. If you experience water damage, it is important to get it resolved as quickly as possible!

Wilted Fan With Mold

Just when you think you have seen it all. This West Michigan homeowner experienced a pipe break that left their house filled with water and high humidity. This water loss resulted in a large amount of damage including this fan that had wilted from the moisture. The humidity in the home was so high that mold began to quickly appear on a variety of surfaces, including the top of the fan blades.

Water Heater Pipe Break Causes Mold

When you think of a pipe break causing mold damage, you typically assume it wasn't dried promptly or correctly. That is not the case for this West Michigan commercial facility. A water heater pipe busted resulting in hot water spewing everywhere. The amount of moisture produced through steam and standing water caused mold to grow very quickly.

High Humidity Causes Mold

When you experience a water loss in your home or business, it is not uncommon for you to have an increase in humidity. This family was experiencing a leak from their water heater that they were not aware of. They had begun discovering moldy shoes throughout their home and was not sure why. After multiple humidity tests and searching the home using thermal imaging devices, we discovered the water heater leak. This was producing large amounts of humidity that was enough to initiate mold growth. 

If you detect random mold throughout your home or business, it is very likely a water loss is causing it. 

Hidden Mold On Drywall

Mold will often grow in crooks and crannies that may be hard to locate. This residential mold growth was taking place on the drywall behind a water heater. If you are experiencing a mold problem, call SERVPRO of Muskegon immediately. We always put your health and safety first.

If You See Signs of Mold, 
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When it comes to mold remediation, a containment of the exposed area is required to prevent the spread of the mold spores. Mold can effect everybody different depending on health conditions and reactions. Some individuals can have asthma attacks or worse with a small mold presence. Since mold can raise major health concerns, it is not something that we take lightly. That is what sets SERVPRO of Muskegon apart. Our technicians are highly trained in mold remediation and containment, ensuring you nothing short of the highest quality of service. 

MOLD Found in Utility Closet after Water Heater Leak

This is a residential home that had a water heater recently replaced in a finished utility closet. During installation, the water heater had a small leak. The water damage was not dried properly resulting in MOLD REMEDIATION SERVICES. SERVPRO of Muskegon was onsite to evaluate the loss and put a protocol together to remediate the mold. Helping to make it "Like it never even happened."

Unmistakable MOLD

Regardless of the "type" of MOLD you discover in your home or business, use caution. Many mold types cause irritation or allergens. Do not disturb or touch the MOLD. The best thing to do is contact SERVPRO of Muskegon 231-733-7601 and stay out of the area where MOLD is present. 

Mold Demo in a Residential Home

This is a residential home covered from top to bottom in mold. The home had been closed up for an undisclosed amount of time. Our technicians wore Personal Protection Equipment while working at this property at all times. This picture shows the technicians in the tear out state of the job. If this looks familiar, call SERVPRO of Muskegon & Holland/W. Ottawa Co. 231-733-7601/616-396-8180

Mold in a residential home

The mold growth you see in this picture is from a finished basement in a residential home. The food source for this mold was high humidity levels and lack of ventilation. If you notice MOLD in your home, do not disturb the area, call SERVPRO of Muskegon & Holland/W. Ottawa Co. 231-733-7601/616-396-8180 for an estimate today!

Mushrooms Growing from the Couch

This summer home was not winterized properly and unsupervised during a harsh winter here in West Michigan. Pipes in the home froze and burst filling the home with thousands of gallons of water over an undisclosed amount of time. The loss was not discovered until spring.  Mushrooms were found growing from the couch located inside the home. If your home has been effected with a water loss, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Muskegon & Holland/W. Ottawa Co. 231-733-7601/616-396-8180 and we will help to make it "Like it never even happened".

Mold Containment in a Commercial Building

This mold remediation containment was used in a commercial building where mold remediation services were being performed. The purpose of the containment during the remediation process is to help limit the spread mold to uncontaminated areas.