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Clogged Sewer Line

When a sewer line gets clogged, the end result is usually not a pretty one. This homeowner in Montague experienced a sewer backup in their basement bathroom. Up... READ MORE

Condominium Bird Feces Cleanup

When you own a condominium association, appearance is everything. You want your facility to be as clean and presentable as possible. When birds left quite the m... READ MORE

Ground Water Floods Basement

Moving homes is already stressful enough. A basement flood is the last thing that you want to deal with. This West Michigan homeowner experienced a sump pump fa... READ MORE

Flooded Basement After Sump Pump Failure

If your home experiences a sump pump failure, bad things tend to happen. Especially when it happens during the spring rainy season. This homeowner experienced a... READ MORE

Roof Repair Leak

It is not uncommon for every commercial facility to have to repair or replace their roof at some point. This church was having some roof work done when they exp... READ MORE

Sewer Backup In Basement

When a sewer backup occurs, many individuals view it as simply a mess that needs to be cleaned up. They do not realize the variety of health risks that come alo... READ MORE

Apartment Biohazard Cleanup

Bloodborne pathogens are a very serious concern when dealing with a biohazard cleanup. According to the United States Department of Labor:"Bloodborne pathogens ... READ MORE

Cat Feces In Laundry Room

We all love our furry family members; however, they can make quite the mess if they are not properly maintained. While this West Michigan resident was absent fr... READ MORE

Bat Feces In Attic

Critters do occasionally find their way into our home. The smaller they are, the longer it usually takes to realize that they have taken up residence. This West... READ MORE

Hidden Moisture Under Waterproof Pad

This West Michigan homeowner experienced water damage after rain had flooded her basement office. Only one room appeared to be affected, but that was not the ca... READ MORE