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Tub Sewer Backup

One of the last things you want to happen to your home or business is a sewer backup. Not only is it messy and gross, it also presents a variety of health conce... READ MORE

Pipe Leak Causes Mold Around Toilet

Moisture does not have to be present for a long period of time before mold begins to appear. This homeowner in Norton Shores, MI had experienced a pipe leak und... READ MORE

Moldy Basement

This homeowner in Muskegon, MI had been dealing with a water heater leak for some time. The moisture produced by the leak along with contents that had gotten we... READ MORE

Boat Mold

Mold has the ability to grow in a variety of different places. This customer in Muskegon, MI found mold in his boat when he came to pick it up from a dry storag... READ MORE

Refrigerator Mold

We can all admit that our refrigerator probably isn't as clean as it should be. However, when you discover a large amount of mold in your refrigerator, it is ti... READ MORE

Unknown Water

What is worse than finding a room in your home with wet, squishy carpet? Discovering it and not knowing where the water came from. This Muskegon homeowner found... READ MORE

Broken Mirror

When a large mirror takes a fall and shatters all over, it creates more than just a mess. A situation such as this creates an unsafe environment for occupants. ... READ MORE

Clogged Sewer Line

When a sewer line gets clogged, the end result is usually not a pretty one. This homeowner in Montague experienced a sewer backup in their basement bathroom. Up... READ MORE

Condominium Bird Feces Cleanup

When you own a condominium association, appearance is everything. You want your facility to be as clean and presentable as possible. When birds left quite the m... READ MORE

Ground Water Floods Basement

Moving homes is already stressful enough. A basement flood is the last thing that you want to deal with. This West Michigan homeowner experienced a sump pump fa... READ MORE