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Accidents Happen

It is not uncommon to become more of a fall risk as you get older. It is very important to do all that you can to install safety rails and other devices in your... READ MORE

Protecting Against Blood Transmitted Diseases

Whenever an accident results in the presence of blood, there are precautionary measures that need to be taken. That is why our technicians have the training and... READ MORE

Bird Feces In Apartment

We all enjoy having pets. Whether it be a dog, cat, fish, bird, etc. Although we love them dearly, they can often make a mess. This customer had a pet bird that... READ MORE

Toilet Supply Line Leak

If you have ever had a supply line leak, it may be worth taking the time to investigate where the water from that leak ended up. This family in Grand Haven, MI ... READ MORE

Plugged Storm Drain

Having a balcony on the third floor of an office building is nice, as long as it drains water correctly. During a large rain storm, the drain was not clean enou... READ MORE

Commercial Strip & Seal

Commercial tile eventually gets to the point where it can no longer be cleaned to the point of perfection. This West Michigan company was badly in need of a str... READ MORE

Car Accident Cleanup

Car accidents happen; unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the operator of the vehicle to sustain an injury. Body shop and repair companies will often refuse t... READ MORE

Flooded Classroom Due To Water Line Break

An outside water line controlled by the city broke, flooding a school in Zeeland, MI. When it comes to educational institutions, disasters such as this can thro... READ MORE

Sewer Backup

When it comes to home disasters, sewer backups rank pretty high on the list. That is the case for this homeowner. A sewer backup resulted in a flooded basement ... READ MORE

Mold Resulting From Appliance Leaks

Three of the most common sources of water damage that we come across are pipe breaks, roof leaks, and water supply lines such as those connected to your washing... READ MORE