Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Grease Fire

Grease fires begin by grease on an oven, stove or fryer getting too hot and erupting into flames. This local business in Muskegon, MI recently were victims to ... READ MORE

Garage fire in Muskegon, MI

This home was damaged by a fire that started just outside of their garage. The fire quickly worked its way inside the garage and thankfully did not go into the... READ MORE

Heavy Soot Damage in Twin Lake, MI

No matter how large or small a fire may be, soot damage is no joke. This home experienced severe smoke and soot damage after an accidental fire broke out. Homes... READ MORE

Commercial Fire In Muskegon, MI

If one thing is certain, it is that fires can make quite the mess. This restaurant in Muskegon, MI caught fire and experienced severe damage. A heavy layer of s... READ MORE

Smoldering Candle Results In Heavy Smoke & Soot Damage

Even the smallest of fires can result in smoke and soot damage to your home. A smoldering candle left this homeowner's contents covered in a layer of soot that ... READ MORE

Attic Fire From Fireplace

House fires can start from a variety of sources. One of the most common are fireplaces. Open flames anywhere in a home are a fire hazard. This West Michigan hom... READ MORE

Soot Stained Block Wall From Electrical Fire

This fire started from a dehumidifier that had an electrical issue causing the unit to smolder and melt the plastic. Soot from an electrical fire or from melted... READ MORE

"Dirty Cobwebs" or Soot Webs?

When inspecting a home or business after the property has experienced a fire damage, owners sometimes mistake soot webs as being "dirty cobwebs". During a fire... READ MORE

Commercial Grade Carpet with Smoke and Soot Damage

This room sustained smoke and soot damage after a fire started in a manufacturing facility during non business hours. The entire building was filled with smoke ... READ MORE

Municipality Fire Damage

A vehicle fire caused major smoke and soot damage to one of the local Municipalities. This 20,000 square foot structure with 23 foot high ceilings sustained dam... READ MORE

Smoke Damage in a Manufacturing Company

The Smoke Damage you see in this manufacturing company was caused by an electrical fire. Notice the thick layer of soot on the metal beams of the structure. We ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in a Commercial Structure

This Commercial Structure suffered a smoke damage due to an electrical malfunction that smoldered filling the entire structure with thick smoke leaving behind m... READ MORE

Candle Fire in Residential Property in Muskegon MI

This residence was damaged by a candle fire that started in the front room of the home filling the property with thick black smoke. Every square inch of this h... READ MORE

Electrical Fire - Heavy Soot Damage in Whitehall

This three story summer home on Lake Michigan was effected by a fire loss that was caused by an electrical malfunction in a dehumidifier. This dehu was hard wi... READ MORE