Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Soot Covered Insulation in Norton Shores, MI

Our Certified Technicians can clean any type of material! They were able to clean this insulation at a manufacturing facility in Norton Shores covered with soo... READ MORE

Drain Malfunction

Drains tend to serve a very important purpose. Which is preventing water from ending up where it doesn't belong. This business in Muskegon, MI experienced exten... READ MORE

Condominium Bird Feces Cleanup

When you own a condominium association, appearance is everything. You want your facility to be as clean and presentable as possible. When birds left quite the m... READ MORE

Roof Repair Leak

It is not uncommon for every commercial facility to have to repair or replace their roof at some point. This church was having some roof work done when they exp... READ MORE

Commercial Pipe Burst

If you have ever experienced a pipe burst, you know how much of a mess it can be. If the pipe resides in the wall, it can often go unnoticed for awhile resultin... READ MORE

Commercial Strip & Seal

Commercial tile eventually gets to the point where it can no longer be cleaned to the point of perfection. This West Michigan company was badly in need of a str... READ MORE

Flooded Classroom Due To Water Line Break

An outside water line controlled by the city broke, flooding a school in Zeeland, MI. When it comes to educational institutions, disasters such as this can thro... READ MORE

Brighten Up Your Commercial Grade Carpeting

SERVPRO of Muskegon offers a range of cleaning methods specialized for your carpet cleaning needs. Those include:Bonnet Cleaning Hot Water Extraction Deluxe Pre... READ MORE

Commercial Strip & Seal on Textured Flooring

The Strip & Seal performed at this manufacturing plant was requested for a commonly used area where the flooring is painted and textured for added grip. Thi... READ MORE

Strip & Seal at a Commercial Retail Business

This is a Commercial Retail Business where we performed a Strip & Seal to help bring the flooring back to "almost new" condition. This commercial property h... READ MORE

Strip & Seal at Commercial Restaurant

The flooring in these before and after photos were taken at a seasonal restaurant/parlor in Muskegon County. This business owner has been scheduling a Strip &am... READ MORE

Vandalism of commercial building in Holland, MI

This commercial building in Holland, MI was vandalized recently with spray paint on both the stone and aluminum surfaces. Notice the extent of the graffiti all ... READ MORE

Commercial Sewer back-up in Muskegon County

This commercial building had a sewer line that backed up thru a floor drain in the lower level in Muskegon County. Notice in the before picture, there was appro... READ MORE