Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Flooded Church in Muskegon, MI

This church in Muskegon had four rooms flood after a heavy rain caused their roof to leak. Our Certified Technicians were able to extract a substantial amount o... READ MORE

School Hallway Flooded in Fruitport, MI

This school in Fruitport did not hesitate to call us when a boiler pipe broke flooding around 1,700 square feet. Our technicians were able to arrive on -site i... READ MORE

Flooded Basement from Outdoor Broken Pipe

This flooded basement in Muskegon, MI was the result of a pipe breaking at the fitting between the road and their home. The homeowner had to wait for the towns... READ MORE

Laundry Pipe Leak in Muskegon, MI

Washing machines are great inventions but can cause problems when you have a pipe leak. This homeowner in Muskegon, MI called SERVPRO of Muskegon after his fin... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Muskegon, MI

It is never fun to come home from being out of town to water in your basement. This flooded basement in Muskegon, MI was the result of a broken water heater su... READ MORE

Unknown Water

What is worse than finding a room in your home with wet, squishy carpet? Discovering it and not knowing where the water came from. This Muskegon homeowner found... READ MORE

Flooded Basement After Sump Pump Failure

If your home experiences a sump pump failure, bad things tend to happen. Especially when it happens during the spring rainy season. This homeowner experienced a... READ MORE

Moisture Within Wall

When a pipe break effects a home, it is not uncommon for water to enter the interior of the walls. The only way to successfully dry this situation is by removin... READ MORE

Pipe Break In Church

When water pipes break, lots of damage can occur. If it floods to the point where drywall is effected, there is often the fear of having mold issues. When drywa... READ MORE

Rain Floods Basement

It is not uncommon to experience flooding after a rain storm. Water will find the lowest point possible which often means locating cracks and crevices in your s... READ MORE

Plugged Storm Drain

Having a balcony on the third floor of an office building is nice, as long as it drains water correctly. During a large rain storm, the drain was not clean enou... READ MORE

SEWER Back Up From Main Sewer Line

When the sewer backs up in your home or business from the main sewer line, what do you do? Raw sewage is grossly unsanitary with a high risk of bacteria and vir... READ MORE

Final Carpet Cleaning after Fire/Water Damage

This lower level sustained water damages after a fire in the laundry room of a clubhouse at a mobile home park. Although there was no smoke damage to the lower ... READ MORE

Outdoor Water Spigot Broke Flooding Finished Basement

For the last two weeks, we have had non-stop calls for flooded basements due to broken water lines from water spigots that were damaged over the winter months. ... READ MORE

Secondary Water Damage After Fire Loss

Whenever you have a Fire Loss, chances are there could also be water damage depending on what the fire department used to extinguish the flames. In this situati... READ MORE

Water Ankle Deep in Local Classroom

This flooded classroom was the result of a clean water pipe that broke inside the educational facility just hours before the doors opened for the day. In some a... READ MORE

Water Line Break in Educational Building

A water line break in this Educational Building caused some major damages to many classrooms and hallways thru out this facility. In some areas of the building,... READ MORE

Irrigation Line Flooded Educational Facility

The Educational Facility had an irrigation line that broke causing flooding on 3 levels of the building. Notice the pools of water on top of the commercial grad... READ MORE

Broken Pipe in Crawl Space of a Commercial Building

Broken Pipes can be devastating to any business even if that pipe is in a dirt crawl space. In a matter of minutes, water from the broken pipe can cause substan... READ MORE