Recent Before & After Photos

Standing Sewage in Muskegon, MI Rental Home

This rental home in Muskegon suffered three inches of standing sewage after the city sewer backed up. Our certified technicians were able to extract the sewage,... READ MORE

Drain Backup in Norton Shores, MI School

Normally with sewer backups we recommend removal of carpet but this school in Norton Shores asked for just cleaning and sanitizing since it was newer carpet. T... READ MORE

Moldy Subfloor in Montague, MI Home

This home in Montague had a water line behind their fridge leaking for an unknown amount of time. The water damage led to mold growth on flooring, walls, and ca... READ MORE

Water Softener Leak in Whitehall, MI

If you have hard water a water softener is a blessing for your home or business, but can also cause problems if not installed correctly. This home in Whitehall... READ MORE

Apartment Fire in North Muskegon, MI

When you live in an apartment you are not the only one that can cause a disaster. This apartment in North Muskegon was affected by soot damage from another ten... READ MORE

General Clean at Hart, MI Farm

This farm in Hart had a migrant home that they wanted to utilize after not being used for awhile. Our Certified Technicians used the wet cleaning method to mak... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in Ravenna, MI

This Ravenna homeowner's septic tank backed up and shorted out the panel for their furnace. The furnace company would not come out to fix the issue until the s... READ MORE

Pole Barn Fire in Muskegon, MI

This soot covered pole barn wall in Muskegon, MI was the result of a lawn mower catching on fire. Luckily the fire department was able to put out the fire quic... READ MORE

Bedroom Fire in Montague, MI

Our goal is to restore instead of replace as much as we can. Our Certified Technician was able to clean this bedroom door with SERVPRO Fire Star which is one o... READ MORE

Water Damage in North Muskegon Facility

This foundry in North Muskegon suffered water damage to three offices, their main office area, a conference room, and factory area after a pipe broke in the cei... READ MORE